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"Tory cuts" attack is back-- again [Jan. 6th, 2009|06:05 pm]
Today in Politics
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In his three years as Tory leader, David Cameron consistently rejected pressure from inside his own party to promise tax cuts. There were two reasons: polling by his strategist Steve Hilton showed that, at the 2005 election, voters didn't believe the Tories would deliver the tax cuts they promised. Secondly, Gordon Brown always converted Tory pledges to cut taxes into "Tory spending cuts."

Suddenly, however, history is repeating itself. The recession has forced Cameron to "do something" to head off Brown's charge that the Tories are a "do nothing" party-a promise to cut taxes on savings. Inevitably, Labour has hit back today, working out where the £5bn of spending cuts to fund the Opposition's plans would fall. They could produce difficult questions for Cameron, as they include £800m on housing, £160m on counter-terrorism, £600m on universities and skills and £300m in children's services. And there's a £1.3bn black hole which has yet to be filled, according to Labour.

Cameron's calculation is that public opinion has moved on since 2005, that voters have had enough of Labour's taxes rises and will not lose much sleep over a public spending squeeze when they are feeling the pinch in the downturn. Senior Labour figures have a spring in their step: they believe the "Tory cuts" attack will work for them one more time. We shall see. Cameron's move is a gamble. But so was doing nothing.

[User Picture]From: melsykes
2009-01-07 09:10 am (UTC)
But this is what the Conservatives have done for generations. It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.
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