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Clegg's moment [Apr. 16th, 2010|09:20 am]
Today in Politics
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I'm not surprise that Nick Clegg came out on top in the first televised debate between the three main party leaders. I have always rated Clegg and have had a few texts from friends who were sceptical about him saying: "You were right."  Which shows how biased the political system -- and the media-- is against the Liberal Democrats.
Perhaps no more? The TV debates have  certainly changed the terms of trade. A dream set of newspaper headlines today for the LibDems. But they will be followed by more scrutiny and certainly more attacks by the Tories, who will be most threatened (for now)  if the third party's yellow bird takes off. Labour won't lose too much sleep about Clegg's triumph.  Privately it wants the LibDems to do well in the South west  and South to limit the number of Tory MPs.
The Tories will be slightly disappointed but I'm sure Cameron will bounce back in the remaining two debates.  Labour won't be too Browned off and will feel it could have been worse. Pro-Tory newspapers were itching to see Brown bomb and he didn't. The LibDems shouldn't get too carried away.  Clegg won't. After all, the debates are a game of three halves.

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