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Who could replace Grayling as future Home Secretary? [Apr. 12th, 2010|12:32 pm]
Today in Politics

Poor old Chris Grayling is having a bit of a tough time at the moment following his comments on gay rights. Since then, the man who had built a reputation as a Tory attack dog has been muzzled and locked in a kennel somewhere in CCHQ. Even some on the right have noted his absence and called on the party to back him or sack him.

He won’t go during an election campaign. But it’s looking unlikely that the shadow Home Secretary will take over the department should Cameron form the next Government. There is one problem – who could take over what is a notoriously difficult department to run? Not easy, and bears out Labour's point about the depth of Cameron's team. 

Here are some thoughts.

1. Nick Herbert. Rated by the party. A Cameron-friendly choice, and as a gay MP in a civil partnership, it would help repair the damage of Mr Grayling’s comments. But it is a big step up.

2. Jeremy Hunt. Has grown into the role covering the culture, media and sport brief. Has also performed well on TV during the campaign. But again, it is a massive promotion.

3. Ken Clarke. A big beast, but can the man who’s seen it and done it really be bothered to run an accident-prone department? He doesn’t need the headache.

4. David Davis. He gave some odd answers when asked about this yesterday, suggesting he would come back if asked. But not sure the Cameron leadership would want this free spirit back after giving up the job to hold his bizarre by-election.

5. Wild card: Nick Clegg. In a hung parliament, the man who used to cover the home affairs brief could be offered the tricky job to appease the Lib Dems. A long shot, but you never know…

From: ww3_book_now
2010-04-12 02:22 pm (UTC)

I'm sorry, but none of your candidates are suitable

Not a single one of them is a Russophobic Zionist second-generation immigrant from E Europe (pace Michael Howard, Jack Straw, David Milliband).

What Britain needs is a yankee patsy who can eat a cream cheese bagel breakfast with Britain's new allies. Bilderbergers and Council On Foreign Relations affiliates would be very welcome.

Please get your priorities right, eh? Someone who puts Israel first, America second, Britain next, the EU near the bottom and Russia last is the right man for Foreign Suckretary. Public School background desirable, eh, what?!
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