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Cameron fights back [Feb. 3rd, 2010|12:32 pm]
Today in Politics
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David Cameron needed a good performance at Prime Minister's Questions today after Gordon Brown got the better of him in their recent weekly joust. Brown started as favourite today after the Tories' wobble over immediate spending cuts but it didn't turn out like that.

After a draw on defence spending, the Tory leader scored a bullseye by ridiculing Brown's death bed conversion to electoral reform. He saw Brown's counter-attack coming - that the Tories want to keep the 90 remaining hereditary peers. Cam reminded us that Brown is "the only leader in this House who inherited his title." Clever. Brown tried to highlight Tory confusion over policy but was drowned out by Tory jeers. Cameron 2, Brown 1.

From: deimosp
2010-02-03 12:50 pm (UTC)
Such a shame that they cannot use parliamentary time to get on with managing the country rather than play silly point scoring games between each other.

Like the managers who used to have a clock in meetings; add up the salaries and costs for each minute and look at how productive the meeting is. Now look at all the salaries of everybody in Parliament whilst Brown and Cameron try an point score off each other with the rest of them jeering That number of MPs with their salaries, 2nd homes, expenses, etc. cost a lot and all for pointless bickering when there are so many big issues facing the country.

New (and needed ?) legislation cannot be carried because of lack of parliamentary time, yet these two waste it !!

Maybe we need some MPs who can take their job and responsibilities seriously
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From: mabaso
2010-03-29 10:38 pm (UTC)

do they really care about citizens?

I wonder why these guys talk too much we need actions not talks, British people are fed up they wanna see things solved cos we are facing hard moments i love politics but i didn't hear anything dat is practical u guys have to start thinking about citizens instead of ur parties cos u guys are not suffering but people like me who have to work hard everyday face difficulties hoping dat one day things gonna change but they are getting worse
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