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A new Gordon Brown? [Nov. 11th, 2009|04:08 pm]
Today in Politics
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David Cameron went on the attack over youth unemployment at Prime Minister's Questions this afternoon. (The Commons went back to the future, holding the session at its old time of 3pm instead of midday because of this morning's Armistice Day service at Westminster Abbey). Unusually, the Tory leader didn't hit the target. His script may have been written before today's jobless figures, which were not as bad as predicted and still left the number of 18-24 year-olds out of work below one million. Ministers can't crow about that but are privately delighted the rise in unemployment is slowing so quickly.
The two leaders traded predictable insults. Cameron accused Gordon Brown of living in a "parallel universe" and quoted from a leaked government document suggesting the skills budget would be cut. Brown said of Cameron: "Every time he mentions policy, he loses it." The most interesting thing was that  Brown's lines were sharper than usual. He spoke more slowly than he usually does in PMQs and avoided a shouting match, perhaps learning a lesson from his successful press conference yesterday. Labour MPs cheered him on -- genuinely, not just going through the motions. One even told me afterwards that yesterday and today we had witnessed a "new Gordon Brown." Interesting. We shall see.

From: cdickenslondon
2009-11-11 05:47 pm (UTC)

a new Gordon Brown

Yes, maybe, at last, he is getting some respect.
The relentless bear baiting of the last few days has been hopelessly overdone. Many of us have poor handwriting and even get names wrong, I occasionally get sums wrong, but noone has shown me stronger resolve, depth of feeling or commitment than he has. Does David Cameron have equal tenacity and cool nerve? I am delighted unemployment is slowing down and the NHS is doing me proud personally. My monthly mortgage repayment would be two thirds less than in the last recession (ie £700 per month instead of £2100).
Thank you Mr Brown (warts and all) and please remember to send this year's generous oldies fuel allowance again!
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From: littleglimmer
2009-11-11 10:45 pm (UTC)

Re: a new Gordon Brown

At last! Someone who admits that there have been benefits from the ridding of the Conservative years. Fact - many many people are paying less on their mortgages (house prices still steadily rising, too), the NHS is miles better in terms of its treatment throughput and waiting times, the winter fuel allowance and TV licence for OAPs has brought huge relief, the car scrapage scheme has been hugely successful, more people are in useful work than ever before, the economy is more stable than it has ever been (excepting the damage done by the subprime and corruption scams), supermarkets are making colossal profits, builders, estate agents and the retail sector have enjoyed many years of healthy growth.
The ferocity of the personal attacks on Gordon Brown has exceeded even the vile smears against Kinnock. Brown is a decent bloke at heart, certainly compared to his three predecessor Prime Ministers. Yet he is portrayed as stupid and a liar with no basis at all.
Look around, people, who would you really trust?
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