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Sunny Gordon [Jul. 8th, 2009|03:21 pm]
Today in Politics
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L’Aquila, Italy. Gordon Brown has briefly escaped his domestic woes to attend a three-day summit of G8 leaders here in the unlikely setting of a city devastated by an earthquake in April. Today it is basking in sunshine. Brown is staying in a “financial police training centre,” according to his officials. Others call it a barracks. Something to do with Obama’s presence, obviously.

Brown feels at home at such international gatherings. They say all prime ministers get to love foreign affairs and Brown is no exception. He clearly feels at home when talking about the global economy, climate change and aid to poor countries - the main items on the G8 agenda. His message today is to give his fellow leaders a “wake up call” so they do not think the recession is over. He fears the rising oil price could choke off recovery.

The PM has brownie points with other leaders after hosting a successful G20 summit in London in April. Foreign observers are puzzled by his domestic unpopularity since. One Italian journalist told me he was amazed that Brown was so unpopular at home because he is highly-regarded abroad, making the contrast with Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian PM who, despite recent domestic scandals, is still popular at home but ridiculed abroad. Funny world.

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