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Spending cuts fight (round three) [Jul. 1st, 2009|12:50 pm]
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Another week, another Prime Minister's Questions dominated by a spat over the need for public spending cuts. Gordon Brown got off to a bad start by talking about a "0 per cent rise" in total spending. Try explaining that one in the Dog and Duck.
David Cameron had the wind in his sails for the third session running. He even got a little over confident at times. He gave the PM a lecture on how much damage his claim about 10 per cent cuts under the Tories is doing him, adding: "It is not doing any damage to us." He branded Brown "Mr 13.5 per cent" -- the amount by which other budgets would have to be cut if health and education spending is maintained. Neat.
Brown hit back by seizing on (and twisting) Cameron's words about rising unemployment. Aha, Brown argued, so it is the Tory policy to allow unemployment to remain high until 2014. It sort of worked -- just. But the PM got himself in a tangle (again) over when spending on building projects will fall. Brown 1, Cameron 2 (for the third week in a row).