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Another fine mess [Apr. 28th, 2009|04:31 pm]
Today in Politics
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More flak for Gordon Brown over MPs' expenses today-- this time from his own side. Yesterday David Cameron and Nick Clegg put the boot in as the PM shelved his plan for a £150-a-day "clocking in" allowance to replace the controversial "second homes" payments. Today Charles Clarke, the former Home Secretary, has put his hobnail boots on. He has criticised Brown for trying to "bully" MPs into reform by "diktat" instead of finding a consensus about expenses reform. He said the PM has been damaged by the row and called for Thursday's vote on other aspects of the expenses system to be put off. I'm told Brown will resist that call, arguing that the public will not understand delay over the changes MP can agree on now.
Clarke's intervention is interesting. He's the second former Cabinet minister to have a pop at Brown in 24 hours, after the former Transport Secretary Stephen Byers laid into the decision to announce a 50p top rate of income tax in the Budget. Is this the revenge of the Blairites? Possibly, though Clarke is his own man, a Clarke-ite rather than a Blairite. But there is a sense at Westminster that the vultures are circling (again).

From: dave1234567890
2009-04-28 05:43 pm (UTC)

Another day another Brown cock up

Brown apart from looking half crazed during his announcement was extremely foolish to try and force this idea through. Both the opposition leaders had said that any amendment should be cheaper and transparent, so what does Brown do, he comes up with a system that is more expensive and pays MPs to turn up for work. Brown is either completely stupid or has a death wish. This idea was never going to be accepted by either Cameron or Clegg and would not have been accepted by the public either. All this has demonstrated is, just how out of touch Brown is and why people seem so ready for a change.
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