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The bell tolls for Jacqui Smith [Apr. 17th, 2009|08:27 am]
Today in Politics
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More bad headlines today for the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. After the furore over her expenses claims as an MP, she has now been hit by the backlash over the foolish arrest of the Tory frontbencher Damian Green. Who --surprise, surprise -- is not being charged for receiving embarrassing leaks from the Home Office because they did not compromise national security.
Sometimes in politics, your luck runs out and there's nothing you can do about it. Smith may be in such a rut. Even if she didn't call in the cops over the leaks, she will get the blame for it-- and is responsible for the actions of her officials who did prompt a wasteful police inquiry.
Even fellow ministers are speculating that Smith will be moved to a less demanding job when Gordon Brown reshuffles his Cabinet, probably after the June elections. They say she is getting very few messages over about her day job as Home Secretary. That's not spin by Brown's dark arts brigade. But it is ominous for Smith.

From: mannygoldstein
2009-04-18 03:31 am (UTC)

Bad headlines reflect bad policy

The bad headlines for Jacqui Smith do reflect upon her performance as Home Secretary rather than the fact she is a member of a Labour government. The combination of personal gaffes combined with professional errors could very well prove fatal.

The role of Home Secretary is one of the great offices of state and is a very demanding job that requires exceptional qualities to master. Look at her recent predecessors during this Labour administration that began in 1997.

Jacqui Smith has made a series of errors of judgement on a personal level such as her housing allowance claims, her expenses involving both adult material and the seemingly petty claims for minor items, her use of her husband as an employee, that taken together, present an unflattering picture and have led to her being formally investigated by a Commons expenses committee.

As Home Secretary she has introduced a variety of bills that allowed increased surveillance powers, failed to lead the police in a manner that is consistent with 'policing by consent' and corrupted the civil service and political process by using anti-terrorist police to deal with a political opponent and a civil servant who leaked documents that embarrassed herself and her political master Gordon Brown.

Even putting party politics to one side, her performance in office cannot be considered adequate and fall far short of what is expected.

Putting party politics to one side,
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From: deimosp
2009-04-18 11:36 am (UTC)
Poor girl has to squeeze as much as she can out of the system. It is not her fault she is not bright enough to do the job. Some are more tallented than others and one should not blame those who as not as smart as others. Not her fault.

Similarly, she has realised she will not get re-elected (in her very marginal seat). Thus she has to sperate the tax payer from as much of its money as she can. In a year or so she and her husband will be un-employed so all she is doing is preparing her "nest-egg" for the future. It may be wrong but it is what politicians are about these days.
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From: wearesmiling
2009-04-18 07:31 pm (UTC)

Jacqui Smith

In a nutshell she is a greedy cunt feathering her nest egg. Brown will flush her down the bath plug hole which she claimed for - A miserly 88p. Not a bright girl
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From: angry_dave
2009-05-06 06:01 pm (UTC)
It may be wrong - and she should be in jail for it ! She and her petty government have tried to make the rest of us criminals over less petty 'offences' in their 12 years - its about time she had a full body search and dna sample taken !
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From: angry_dave
2009-05-06 05:55 pm (UTC)

Westminster Perks

I hope the move for this criminal is to the local jail ! that is ALL she deserves ! In fact - If Gordy had the courage he would call in the police to investigate her fraudulent theft of taxpayer money - but then - that would open up a can of worms for all the westminster sty-dwellers !
Actually the reforms Gordy proposes sound pretty reasonable - except that as per everyone else - the allowance should be for a return train ticket and no more unless a hotel is required for an overnight stay - which should be flat rate 3 star cost (they can pay more if they wish from their salaries - which is what the rest of us do) They might even do something to get the train services we have to use running a bit more like it should do - on time and with sitting room for all !
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